Briefly in English

Welcome to the website of the Evangelical Lutheran parish of Kaustinen and Ullava.

Our parish has approx. 4800 members.

We offer a variety of activities for all ages:

  • worship services on Sundays both in Kaustinen and Ullava church throughout the year
  • daytime clubs for children under school age
  • evening clubs and choirs for juniors
  • fellowship evenings for teenagers
  • church choirs
  • deaconal work
  • confirmation camps
  • summer camps for children

You are welcome to take part in our activities - which all are in Finnish. The weekly activities will start again in September after the summer break. For more information, please contact the congregational office.

What we believe in Jesus Christ is the core of the Christian faith. He is God's special revelation. We can receive the salvation that Jesus prepared by believing that He suffered punishment for our sins To know more about the Christian faith, click for the website of the Evangelich Lutheran Church in Finland. 

The Kaustinen and Ullava parish is part of the Evangelical Lutheran parish union of Kokkola. In Kokkola, the parish union offers activities for immigrants:

  • International Sunday services and prayer groups. Translation into English, Arabic and Russian available. 
  • international children's choir & clubs 
  • Finnish lessons 
  • English Bible study 
  • Russian fellowship & Sunday school 
  • Arabic fellowship & Bible study 
  • Kareni fellowship & Sunday school

In Kokkola there is also a Swedish speaking Lutheran congregation Karleby svenska församling.

Please note! We are grateful for any comments from your side.